Trending HDF Laminate Flooring Designs for 2022

HDF Laminate Flooring Trend

As a house owner, you have to think of various furnishing options available for renovating your house to give it a fresh and updated look. Flooring is a significant part of interior designing and it comes with many options like Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Vitrified Flooring etc. Among all this, HDF Laminate Flooring or Laminated wooden flooring is one of the most popular and cost-efficient way to get the desired wood-like look. Flooring technology has advanced to the point where the best laminate flooring may now more closely resemble actual hardwood than ever before. Due to this, modern laminate flooring hues and designs have reached new heights.

HDF Laminate Floorings are now available in trendier varieties, designs, colours and shades. Laminate Flooring is made out of high-quality laminate under a protective layer, you can choose from the variety of designs available. Let us check out what are the trending Laminate Flooring Options available nowadays.


Currently, HDF Laminate Flooring is available in many different styles and thus they can be categorised as follows:

Different Varieties

This flooring now comes with new features and different layers that make the laminate flooring protective, durable and at the same time give an aesthetic look to your house or commercial space.

  • Water Resistant HDF Laminate Floorings – This Laminate flooring is very much in a demand presently. The term “water-resistant Laminate flooring” usually refers to a top surface that is extremely resistant to moisture. So if water spills on it, the flooring’s surface and its locking installation keeps moisture away from the flooring, preventing any harm to the flooring.
  • Stain Resistant HDF Laminate Flooring – Nowadays HDF Laminate Flooring is made up of numerous layers and a protective top coating, which makes it stain-resistant and helps to protect it from scratches, dents and knocks that, may occur with regular use. And these stain-resistant laminated flooring can last in demand for years as your floor will have no stains and will continue to look attractive and fresh.


Modest features like texture, which can add visual appeal without deviating from a neutral colour palette, is one way for homeowners to achieve a rustic feel in their houses. At the moment, the trend is to adopt longer and broader laminated planks.

  • Embossed-in-register (EIR) HDF Laminate Floorings – This coating on HDF Laminated Flooring is one approach to get the look and feel of real wood because it imitates the characteristics of natural wood planks, allowing you to see and feel the texture, dents and other details.
  • Rustic and Hand-scraped laminate flooring – Hand-scraped laminate flooring comes with a texture that gives your floor a more authentic wood-like appearance and feels. In this Textured Laminate Flooring, long, deep scrapes are visible in the finish, giving the floor a unique appearance.
  • High Glossy – HDF Laminate flooring comes in a variety of finishes, ranging from matte to glossy. The high gloss has recently become a preferred choice. With a brightness of 75% or above, it has a mirror-like reflective and polished surface that gives it a moist look.


More than a variety of items are available in the Coloured Laminate Flooring range. It helps you to design your space not only with a specific look but also with a specific feel in mind. 2022’s laminate colour trend will make a statement, with everything from light wood to high variation, whitewash to grey.

  • Darker shades – Dark laminated flooring is becoming increasingly popular and is expected to remain so. For example, ‘Papua Ebony’ comes in dark black colour, low-gloss finish and hand-scraped. It looks great with light coloured walls.
  • Blonde Wooden Flooring – Lighter colours have the effect of making spaces feel larger, which is ideal for today’s open floor plans. Examples of light coloured Laminates are ‘Canyon Oak’, ‘Refined Brass’, ‘American cherry’, ‘Platinum’ etc.
  • Neutral shades – Grey Laminated flooring are of neutral colour and a popular choice for floors over the years and this trend is not going to fade anytime soon. Grey Laminated HDF floorings set the tone of a cool and contemporary environment. These HDF Laminate floorings can match with any light or dark coloured walls. Examples of these Laminates are ‘Odessa Grey’, ‘Cement Grey’, ‘Taupe’, ‘Ultra Grey’, etc.

Patterns and Layouts

You can express your creative side with patterned floorings in your rooms. Flooring patterns have gained popularity for creating stylish, contemporary designs in houses during the last decade.

  • Herringbone Laminate Floors – Herringbone is a design of Wooden Laminate Floorings in which images of wooden blocks are arranged in a zigzag pattern to create a geometric design giving out beautiful appearance. It is one of the most popular decorative patterns for flooring today because it provides an audacious, modernized, sophisticated and angled design.
  • Chevron Laminate Floors – You can have wooden flooring laminated planks with a chevron design to make the most eye-catching floor for your home or commercial space. It is an inverted V-shaped pattern in which wooden pieces are set at a 45° angle so that the 2 blocks meet point to point creating a zigzag pattern. You can recreate the look of your dining room, bathroom, etc. by pairing this designed Laminate with any neutral coloured wall.
  • Bamboo style Laminate Flooring – Yes, wooden Laminated floorings are now available in Bamboo style and are also becoming very popular. Unlike typical hardwood designs, they are more strand-based.


Interior Designing is a vast field so every year new designs, colours and patterns will keep evolving. While it is a good thing to stay with the modern trend, it is also necessary to find the best suitable flooring for your place and for that you must decide what kind of atmosphere you want or what type of combination you want to create at your place. For example, if your living room has light coloured walls, then you can choose dark coloured laminates with long patterns in them. You should also keep in mind the thickness of the Laminates so that they can resist wear and tear. Laminate flooring come with AC ratings and you should decide the rated Laminate as per your requirements. If you are looking for Laminate flooring for residential purposes, then you should select the Laminate with the rating of AC3 or higher. But if you are looking for Laminate flooring for a place with heavy foot traffic, you should opt for AC4 or AC5 ratings.


In this blog, we have understood what trends are going on currently in the Laminate Flooring industry. Laminate Floorings are available in different types, colours, textures, designs etc. Thus you have endless options to choose from for your home decor. You must look for something which is durable and which will also stay in trend for a long time. In this way, you can stay within your budget and design the attractive look you want for your house.

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