Pro Tips for years of beautiful HDF Laminate Flooring

Beautiful HDF Laminate Flooring

Don’t we just love the seamless beauty and elegance of natural-looking HDF laminate flooring? This flooring option has become a popular choice among several homeowners.

A HDF laminated floor not only looks attractive but is durable as well. The best thing about laminate flooring is it can match any look and design that you have in your mind, at a fraction of the cost. HDF Laminate flooring is surely making its mark with its beautiful hardwood finish, durability and versatility in the interior décor industry.

Every hard wooden floor tells its own story, it adds an extra touch of authenticity to your home. It is offering so many advantages and it seamlessly blends with your space to give you a perfect match with your home interior.

Laminate flooring planks come in an impressive assortment of styles, texture and finishes that makes it a great choice for any commercial and residential space. But have you ever wondered about the best way to take care of it so it lasts for years? If not, then don’t worry, we’ve come up with some pro tips that will help you to maintain the laminate floors so that they will look great as new for years.

Tips to Take Care of Laminate Floors:

Keep Your Floor Shoe-Free:

Having a no-shoe policy at home is a great way to save your laminate floor from mud, dirt and other debris. Shoes and slippers carry a lot of dust and dirt could damage your laminate flooring.

You can place a welcome mat outside your front door and a shoe rack right inside it so that you can wipe your shoes and keep your shoes inside the shoe rack. In case you have a habit of wearing shoes inside your home then keep a pair of house slippers that you can wear inside.

As much as possible, avoid carrying outside shoes on laminate flooring. Not carrying dirt and dust via footwear can help to keep your laminate floor cleaner up to an extent.

Act Quickly to Clean Up Spills and Dirt:

The best way to keep your home laminate floor stain free is to take immediate action to clean it. You know that your hard wooden flooring is strong and durable enough to handle stains but oily spots or colour stains such as ink can be difficult to remove from the laminate floor.

For such stubborn stains, you can use acetone or nail paint remover to treat them. Take a small amount of liquid on a clean cloth and wipe up the stain.

In any case, if wax or gum falls on the laminate floor, freeze it with an ice pack after that scrape up the frozen wax using a plastic scraper then wipe up the area with a dampened cloth to clean the residue.

We always recommend keeping a small spray bottle handy for quick clean-ups! And make sure the area gets dried when you finish the cleaning.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals and Abrasive:

When you look to buy commercial cleaners, make sure to get ones that can clean laminate floors without damaging them.

Certain brands are selling cleaning products explicitly for laminate flooring you can use that or instead of using any chemical, use a mixture of water and vinegar if you find your laminate flooring is looking dirty and have stains. That’s the reason it’s advisable to never use vinegar in its pure form because it’s too abrasive.

Avoid using an abrasive scrubber, harsh sponges or steel wool on the laminate floor it may damage the floor instead, use a soft mob or cloth to clean the laminate flooring.

Avoid Using Too Much Water:

To clean the laminate floor naturally and quickly, especially when it is dirty, you can use water. It acts as a natural cleaner as it is chemical-free and cannot harm your laminate floor. But using too much water to clean the laminate floor can affect the floor.

Keep water use to a minimum, only spray water as much as you need to clean the particular spot and with the help of a soft cloth, you can wipe it out.

Learn the Correct Way of Cleaning Laminate Floor:

Dirt and debris are the enemies to laminate flooring, it dulls the finish of the floor however, vacuuming and sweeping improperly can do more damage to your laminate floor. Sweep all the dust with a clean microfiber dust mop and while vacuuming make sure to turn the brush roll off and use a dry vacuum to pick up loose debris from the laminate floor.

If you have pets at home, you may find pet hairs on the floor, sweeping them with a broom can help to elevate all the hairs and dust from the floor.

Go for a Deep-Cleaning Occasionally:

There are some invisible places at home where some amount of hazing and a film of dust build up therefore, it is recommended to go for deep-cleaning at least once a year. For deep cleaning, you can call a professional so that they help you to get the gunk out of the invisible places like along the edges of the laminate planks, corners and the place where the skirting profile is attached to the wall. These places are tricky to get cleaned and a professional will get it done for you.

Some Don’ts for Laminate Floor Cleaning:

  • Never use steam cleansers on the laminate flooring
  • Never try to slide heavy furniture across the laminate floor, use protective furniture pads on the bottom of heavy furniture.
  • Never use a floor polisher or wax to refresh the laminate floor
  • Never clean laminate flooring with abrasives, steel wool or scouring powder
  • Never use acidic or abrasive cleansers, they might strip the protective coating from the laminate floor.

If you’re finding any difficulty to clean the tough stain on laminate flooring, you can call laminate floor cleaner experts they will find the best solution for your hard-to-clean dirty spots.


Cleaning and maintaining residential wooden flooring is easy when you know the right approach. Learning how to take care of laminate floors helps to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Establishing a cleaning routine and taking precaution while cleaning and maintaining floors helps to keep the textured laminate floor look fresh all the time.

By following the above tips you can keep your laminate flooring looking beautiful for years. If you are in search of the best quality laminates for flooring then Surya Click is here for you! We bring you to the world of beautiful laminate flooring designs that match your needs and style.

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