Staircase Laminate Flooring: What’s the Best Way?

Staircase Laminate Flooring

Stairs are a standard structure in our everyday life, present in almost every residential, commercial, or industrial establishment around us. Being the pathways to connect the different floors in a building, they experience an increased footfall than other rooms or areas. It’s why picking an ideal option between the numerous flooring types available in the market can be confusing and requires careful deliberation over their durability and appearance.

The laminate flooring option is a versatile alternative adding glamour to any space without exceeding your budget. When you choose laminate flooring for your staircases, you can enjoy a durable performance while choosing from extensive colour and design options. The quick installation and hassle-free maintenance are additional perks of choosing laminate staircase flooring.

Choosing coloured laminate flooring for your staircase will allow you to brighten any interior space. These simple steps will allow you to achieve professional-like results without spending excessive money. We will walk you through the process of installing wooden flooring laminate flooring on your stairs. Our ten-step guide will give you premium-looking results in a short time.

Required Tools for Installing Laminate Flooring on Staircases:

Installing HDF laminated floor planks on your stairs is a simple DIY project that anyone capable of handling basic tools can tackle. To complete your staircase laminate installation project, you will need:

  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Handsaw or Jigsaw
  • Nails
  • Pliers
  • Pull bar
  • Rubber mallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape measure
  • Tapping block
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws

In addition to the above tools, use safety gear consisting of goggles, gloves, and a face mask to protect yourself from accidents when installing laminate wood flooring planks.

Steps to Install Staircase Laminate Flooring:

Follow these steps to install the laminate wooden floorings to your staircase. These simple steps will allow you to achieve professional-like results without spending excessive money.

  1. The first step to achieving beautiful stairs complete with elegant laminate flooring is choosing superior-quality laminated flooring. Contact a reputed laminate flooring supplier near you and pick a suitable design and colour option to complement the interior decor of your space.
  2. Start the installation process by prepping your stairs. Remove the old carpet and other adornments previously attached to your stairs. To prepare your stairs for your AC3 Wood Flooring installation, wipe them to remove any dust or debris from the surface.
  3. Install your laminate wooden flooring starting from the top to the bottom. It will help you to avoid stepping on freshly installed laminate flooring stairs and give them enough time to dry. It gives your stairs a clean and professional look.
  4. Measure every stair in your home or office individually. It enables you to catch any differences between the stairs and allows a precise and elegant look. Next, cut the flooring planks with a handsaw based on the measurements.
  5. After cutting the required hard wooden flooring for the tread and the riser, lay them on the stairs to ensure they lay flat. If they fit correctly on your tread or riser, bring them down to the accurate measurement by trimming down or sanding the laminate.
  6. Next, attach the wooden flooring to your stairs by spreading a generous amount of glue on the top step. Make sure that the edges of each step get fully covered with wood glue. Place the tongue side of your textured laminate flooring upside.
  7. Wipe any excess glue after holding down the laminate piece for two minutes. You can also beat the surface with a rubber mallet to attach the wood plank flooring. You can also opt for wooden screws to ensure a firm laminate installation.
  8. After installing the top tread of your staircase, move the rising below it. Repeat the process with a generous layer of glue before placing the premium wooden flooring laminate. Adding wooden screws to the edges can help secure your stairs flooring laminate.
  9. After adding the top tread and riser, it’s time to add the nosing of the top step. Cut the laminated flooring to fit the measurements of the nosing carefully. Install the nosing with wood screws to secure them before attaching the AC3, AC4 or AC5 wood flooring laminate.
  10. Repeat the same steps for the rest of the stairs. Give enough time for each step to glue down before moving. After completion, give your stairs a couple of hours for the laminate to adhere. There you have your elegant wooden flooring design for your staircase.


We hope this article educated you on installing premium laminate flooring on your staircase. Our detailed guide will walk you through each step, sharing valuable tips and tricks. Using laminate flooring for your house will deliver incredible results without exceeding your budget. This durable option will give a stunning appeal to any residential or commercial space. Follow our above guide and install laminate flooring on staircases easily.