Different Shades of HDF Laminate Flooring for Your Welcoming Space

Shades of HDF Laminate flooring

Before a few years, HDF laminate flooring was only available in few colours with minimal texture variety. But now technological advancement has introduced us to trendier colour options in laminate flooring. They are now available in fine gradients, realistic finishes, and tactile textures, resulting in a vibrant colour palette that is more authentic in its aesthetics while also offering varieties.

Since hdf laminate flooring comes in various printed designs, you can choose the perfect colour and pattern of your choice, which is not always possible with hardwood flooring. However, choosing a colour for laminated wooden flooring might be complicated since you want to be sure it will go well with your room’s design and other interior elements. Besides, as there are so many options available today, the selection process might be a little confusing.

How to Select the Perfect Colour For Your HDF Laminate Floors?

The colour and finish of the hdf laminate floor planks you select should depend on some considerations. Before committing to one decorating style for your house for many years, take into account these factors:

  • The type and size of the room you want to style
  • Interior design
  • Spatial features
  • Type of lightings
  • Furniture and other accessories of the room
  • Versatile flooring finishes
  • Durable HDF laminate flooring

You should also select the coloured laminate flooring depending on the type of room and your own choice of creativity. You can select colours that reflect a variety of moods.

  • Consider a yellow tone or shade of floor if you want to create a cheerful, sunny and pleasing atmosphere
  • Choose grey laminate flooring if you want to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere
  • And if want to showcase elegance, style, class and luxury, then go with matt black or high gloss black laminate flooring

Some trendy colour ideas for your HDF laminate flooring

Dark Coloured Laminate Floors

Darker flooring contrasts beautifully with a dynamic room and enhances a rich décor. Darker flooring provides distinction and helps to unify the space when there are many different colours, materials, and textures present. The room appears properly equipped without displaying too much vacant space since the dark laminate flooring limits what you can see.

Light Coloured Laminate Floors

The interior of your home will feel spacious, relaxed, and comfortable with light-colour flooring. For those looking for a pastel interior, these floorings are the perfect option. The “Blonde” aesthetic is particularly loved because it serves as a uniform base for a variety of design styles.

Natural Wood Alike Flooring

When you walk over the realistic finishes like high gloss, hand-scraped, and embossed, you can feel that your floor is actually made of wood. Laminate wooden flooring is ideal for busy rooms and high-traffic areas since it complements the vitality of the space and draws attention to any eye-catching furnishings.

Barn Oak

Barn Oak has oak knots and splits that are enmeshed in a deep brown tone. It reflects the light and dark colours seen in actual wood planks, giving it the appearance of reclaimed barn wood. It is perfect for a farmhouse living room since it adds warmth to the space.

Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey laminate flooring not only appears stylish and modern, but they also create the atmosphere of a calm, contemporary house. They provide homes with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones. Almost every colour will complement your sleek grey flooring, whether they are aqua, greens, bright, vivid colours, or even black and white. Moreover, grey laminate flooring is available in different shades like Odessa grey, cement grey, ultra grey, taupe, charcoal grey, canyon oak, etc. which can suit your requirements.

Whitewashed Laminate Flooring

Whitewashed laminate flooring is a mixture of marble white colour and dark coloured lines looking like some wear or abrasion on the floor. Depending on your other interior decor, it might create a “beachy” feeling or an expensive contemporary feeling. Whitewashed flooring is great for popular farmhouse-style homes, especially kitchens, in addition to the coastal appeal

Papua Ebony

The delicate embossing, low-gloss texture, and hand scraping of Papua Ebony, in addition to its deep black colour, display luxury. It surpasses the category of exotic hardwood, helping to make the space uniquely designed and artistic. To highlight this HDF laminate flooring, use it in a room full of natural light and a room that has white or light grey coloured walls.

Colourful Laminate Flooring

Colourful laminate flooring includes flooring with a range of designs and wood finishes or flooring dyed with a variety of colours other than the natural colours of wood. It creates a distinctive and fascinating space. For dynamic spaces like workplaces, children’s rooms, and kitchens as well as for themed spaces like gaming rooms, craft rooms, cafés, etc., colourful laminate flooring is great since it inspires motion and energy.

Bottom Line

The type of hdf laminate flooring you select may feel like an investment to your house since it adds a feature that can influence a room’s appearance for years to come. The most important thing to consider is the atmosphere you want to create in your space because the trends in laminate flooring are likely to last. Thus it is advisable to be practical and select the option that best complements the look and interior you are looking for while keeping in mind the material’s strength and durability.

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