Top 5 Reasons to Select Surya Click for Laminate Flooring

Reasons to Select Laminate Flooring

Laminate floorings are becoming increasingly popular among architects due to their aesthetic appearance, flexibility, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. There are many advantages for using Surya Click laminate flooring over other types of flooring, including its ability to mimic designs of stone, marble, ceramic, etc., looking like natural material finish. Designed with a vast array of patterns and colors, Surya Click laminate flooring provides comfort and grace simultaneously.

How Surya Click Laminate Flooring Is Made?

With our modern manufacturing process, five layers are pressed together to create superior quality HDF laminated flooring. Below are the different five layers fused together to form HPL:

  1. Top wear layer
  2. Image design layer
  3. Thin impact-resistant layer
  4. Product layer
  5. Soft foam or back paper layer

Surya Click Laminate’s plank comes in two sizes:

  1. 1200 mm x 191 mm
  2. 1200 mm x 220 mm

The laminate plank thickness is 8 mm and 12 mm, and it comes in three grades: AC3, AC4, and AC5.

Reasons to Choose Surya Click for Laminate Flooring:

Only high-quality plantation wood fibres or HDF boards and resins are used to ensure superior quality, durability, and aesthetics that resemble natural hardwoods. Besides being moisture resistant, scratch resistant, easy to clean, easy to install, and many more, Surya Click laminated flooring has many other advantages too. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose us.

Installation is Easy:

Its innovative “one-click” method and patented click system make Surya Click Laminated flooring easier to install. The flooring planks are designed to interlock, so you can work with them easily while saving time and money. It can also be installed quickly over existing floors without the need for staples, glue, or nails, as opposed to another flooring.

Moisture and Scratch Resistance:

The top layer of Surya Click laminate flooring is resistant to moisture and scratches, making it a great choice for everyday use. As a result, it is the ideal option for homes with prominent families or those that host a lot of guests.

Surya Click Laminate flooring’s moisture resistance property enables the flooring to be laid efficiently anywhere – a kitchen, W.C. and conservatory. However, such places are highly exposed to frequent moisture spillage and humidity fluctuations. Because solid wood is prone to high humidity and moisture sensitivity, avoiding solid wood is always recommended, and choose Surya click’s moisture-resistant laminate flooring instead. Furthermore, Laminate’s backing layer that is moisture resistant will prevent warping or distortion caused by moisture in the ground.

Realistic Design:

With Surya Click laminate flooring, you can choose from a broad range of natural-looking floorings that are suitable for a variety of interior and exterior applications. Various colors are available, including reproductions of exotic hardwood floors and more contemporary whitewashed finishes. Using natural wood as an inspiration, Surya Click features swirls, shafts, cracks, and knots from the natural wood.

Highly Durable:

The Surya Click Laminate flooring line is made of superior quality fibers and resins, making them both highly durable and beautiful for many years to come. Our flooring is the best choice for homes with pets and children, as well as for commercial spaces because it has a tough, abrasion-resistant outer layer plus a resin coating to protect it.

Easy Maintenance and Hypoallergenic:

With no special cleaners required to keep Surya Click laminate floors in great shape, cleaning up spills is a breeze. In addition, the laminate flooring is stain and moisture-resistant. All you need is a daily sweep to keep it clean. It can be easily cleaned with an anti-bacterial mop or vacuum cleaner.

Since there is no place to trap dust and other particles causing allergies, Surya click laminate flooring is a great choice. Moreover, the underlayment acts as a moisture barrier protecting the floor from damage and preventing mold from sporing and forming.

Other benefits of having Surya Click Laminate flooring:

  • It has a lower risk of squeaking sounds, thus, there is no requirement to shift long or short sides.
  • It has high impact resistance, therefore, it can withstand impact or abrasion from furniture legs and chair castors.
  • It has high resistance to flame and heat.
  • Lastly, the laminate flooring is skid-free & slip resistant.


Surya Click is one of the largest manufacturer of HDF Laminate flooring in India. Surya Click Laminate Flooring is an economical and convenient flooring option if you want a durable and stylish floor. Here we list the reasons why you should choose Surya Click for your flooring needs, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.