Are Laminate Floors Pet-Friendly?

Pet Friendly HDF Floors

Laminate flooring not only improves the aesthetics of your room but also provides a comfortable environment for your pets. Withstanding the scratches and stains, the pet-friendly laminate flooring can also handle the dents thanks to its tough wear layer.

If you are looking for durability and appearance like hardwood in your home, then laminate flooring offers you the best solution at a low cost. The ease of installation and low maintenance make laminate flooring a popular and viable option for homeowners.

Coming in a wide range of choices, only laminate flooring can give warmth and a quality lifestyle to an active pet family.

Why Your Pet-Friendly Family Needs Laminate Flooring:

Here are some factors that make laminate flooring the most popular choice for a pet-friendly environment-

Highly durable:

Due to its multi-layer, the laminate flooring has very high durability. The tough wear layer and resin coating protect the photographic layer underneath. Hence, it is not only impact-resistant but scratch-resistant as well. Handling high traffic very well, it emerges as a great option for pet-friendly families.


The water-repellent feature of the external layer gives the laminate flooring extra protection. Hence, it is not only water resistant but also handles the humidity very well. A great choice for a tropical climate like India, it gives you a tension-free living especially if your puppy is not toilet-trained.

Easy to clean and maintain:

Laminate flooring can be easily cleaned with a broom, or vacuum cleaner, or slightly damp cloth, or laminate floor cleaner. To maintain the aesthetics of the floor, no waxing is necessary, and thereby easy to maintain. So, for the accidental daily spills of a pet-friendly family, it is the best choice.

Easy to install:

Easy and quick installation process makes laminate flooring a hassle-free option for many. You can lay it over the existing floors without any extra effort. But you need to keep in mind that the surface is perfectly even. The click-lock method also makes the installation process simpler and more effective.


The high-end laminate flooring is excellent for people with allergies. It does not have any scope to trap dust or other pollutants. As such, laminate floors help to maintain a hygienic indoor environment.


Mostly made from composite wood that is pressed together at high temperatures, laminate flooring is much more affordable than hardwood. So, if you want pet-friendly flooring within low-budget, then it is a perfect choice.


Laminate flooring has a wide range of choices. Coming in the styles of tile, wood, and stone finishes, it can add aesthetics to your room with the choice of the right colour. Also, the textures and finishes conceal the dents and scratches of your pets.

Which Factors Play A Key Role While Selecting The Right Type of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the finest choice for pet owners due to its different styles, textures, and colours. The scraped or textured laminate is the best one if you have an active or ageing pet.

It will not only add the most beautiful look to your room but also provide some traction at the same time. The following factors play a key role while choosing the right type of laminate flooring –

AC-rated laminate flooring:

The AC rating is the best guide for choosing the perfect laminate flooring for your pet-friendly environment. Before selection, assess the expected high traffic and the amount of wear and tear.

It will help to purchase the right one. From AC1 to AC5, AC3-rating laminate flooring is preferable, as it will resist daily scratches, stains, and dents also. Not only scratch-resistance, but AC3-rated HDF laminate flooring can withstand rough pet activities also.

Anti-slippery surface:

Slippery surface can create problems for your furry friends. So, before purchase, assess how much moisture-resistant your laminate flooring will be. The HDF laminate flooring is moisture-resistant and suitable for a pet-friendly home.


A pet-friendly environment always has the possibility of a rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Hence, before selecting the right one, check the resilience feature to manage the aesthetics of your home. HDF laminate flooring is very much resilient. Thereby, it ensures the durability of your flooring for a longer period.


The quality and durability of your laminate flooring depending on its thickness. As such, pet-friendly families have to assess the thickness and strength of this flooring, if they want less damage to the floors. HDF laminate flooring is available in a range of 8mm to 12mm thicknesses.

Therefore, your right laminate flooring must contain all these features and qualities. It will handle the damages very well without incurring unnecessary additional costs. So, choose the right one with judiciousness.

Final thoughts

From the above, it is clear that high-end laminate flooring can endure scratches and stains. Their high durability and easy-to-clean features make them a perfect choice for a pet-friendly environment. But for the Indian climate, it is recommended to use HDF laminate flooring due to moisture resistance and UV resistance properties.

Surya Click has a wide range of eco-friendly products, and its versatile HDF laminate flooring can cater to the needs of its customers. By providing durable, seamless, resilient, and functional products, they can maintain the aesthetics of your home within your budget.

However, it is the customers who will make the final decision. So, it is recommended to select the laminate flooring after significant consideration.