How Secure is Laminate Flooring for Kids?

Laminate Flooring for Kids

Laminate flooring’s rising popularity is linked to its durability, affordability and minimal maintenance, making it a sensible option for active households. Minors need safety precautions. Laminate flooring is resistant to moisture, scratches and staining, offering a secure atmosphere for children’s activities and easy clean-up.

This makes it a fantastic alternative for kids’ living spaces. Therefore, the rising demand for laminate flooring is driven by its capacity to provide both convenience and safety for families with children.

Safety Aspects for Kids:

Regarding safety considerations for young children, there are various variables to consider. Firstly, the influence on internal air quality is significant, since kids spend a lot of time inside. Laminate flooring with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions is a safer alternative for minors. Secondly, slide resistance is vital to avoid accidents and injuries. Laminate flooring with a low-luster finish may offer a gentler surface that is less prone to slips and falls.

Lastly, hazardous compounds are a concern and it is crucial to use materials with safe VOC emissions levels. Laminate flooring solutions from reputed companies like Surya Click are certified. Overall, it is crucial to consider these safety elements when selecting laminate flooring for kids’ living areas.

Comparison with Other Flooring Types:


  • Durable and creates an exquisite appearance
  • Can be unstable and hazardous for toddlers
  • Requires additional care and may discolour, dent, or scratch readily


  • Soft and cushiony, offering comfort and warmth
  • Safe for locations where additional warmth and comfort are required
  • Can be difficult to clean and maintain


  • Smooth and firm, with no nooks and crannies for stumbling
  • Non-slip and ideal for high-moisture rooms
  • Can be cold and harsh on bare feet, requiring area rugs or cushioned carpets

Laminate flooring

  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Resistant to scratches, dents and stains
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low VOC emissions and slip-resistant surfaces may be chosen
  • Affordable and available in numerous designs, emulating hardwood or stone

In short, laminate flooring is a safe and practical solution for homes with kids, giving longevity, minimal maintenance and a number of design possibilities. However, it is necessary to use laminate flooring with minimal VOC emissions and slip-resistant coatings to assure safety. Other flooring materials, such as hardwood, carpet and tile, all have their own safety concerns and the optimal decision depends on the individual requirements and preferences.

Real-life experiences and Testimonials:

Customer comments and testimonies regarding the safety of Surya Click laminate flooring for children emphasise its advantages. Parents and householders originally concerned about high volatile organic compound (VOC) levels in laminate flooring realised that other conventional flooring choices may include more hazardous adhesives, making it a safer alternative.

Additionally, laminate flooring is resistant to moisture, scratches and stains, making it suitable for kids’ activities and simple to clean. These real-life accounts demonstrate the practicality and safety of laminate flooring for homes with children.


A sensible and safe replacement for wood floors in toddler-friendly living areas is Surya Click laminate flooring. It is safe for children’s activities since it has several safety features, including protection from damage, wetness and spots. It also offers a surface that requires no care and is simple to clean, reducing allergy risk and ensuring a healthy setting for kids.

Laminate flooring from Surya Click offers parents comfort and peace of mind as a strong, value for money and safe choice for homes with kids.