Laminate Flooring: Room-by-room selection for a refreshed look!

Laminate Flooring for Every Rooms

A flooring idea picked wisely can dramatically uplift the look of your home. There is a gamut of flooring styles available in the market but, considering a room-by-room approach of choosing the right laminate flooring will make your home look stunning like never before.

However, it is essential to bear a few things in mind before finalizing the flooring option like size, colour scheme, style, utility, and form of the space. Explore the best laminate flooring options recommended by industry flooring experts.

Remarkable Laminate Flooring Ideas to Suit Every Room of Your Home

Living Room

A living room is the heart and soul of every home. The flooring style of the living room needs to be appropriate to relish time with your family and guests. Also, it establishes the tone for a scheme of the rest of your house. A living room is a part of the house to showcase your inspiration by experimenting with aesthetic colour palettes. Light and neutral coloured laminate flooring designs will pair with any colour scheme, and this floor option will allow you to keep on modifying the interiors of your living room without changing it.


Hallways are high-traffic areas that perceive a lot of wear and tear so, selecting flooring that is standard to handle with that should be at the top of your list. Before thinking about patterns and colours, choose a flooring material that is resilient, robust, easy to clean, and won’t display scrapes and blemishes after just a few months. Laminate flooring can form the appearance of real wood in the hallway at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a perfect hard-wearing laminate for hallways, consider installing AC3 flooring and above to get resilient floors.


A conservatory should be a calm getaway from all of the uncertainties. To make the most of your homely ecstasy, you need to make sure the flooring you select is durable and stunning all year round, be it in the gleaming heat of summer, or the moist cold of mid-winter. Light coloured laminate flooring will leave your conservatory beholding refreshed all year round.


Your kitchen flooring is not only meant to support resilience and functionality but is also a chief design statement of the kitchen interior. With the array of materials, colours, patterns and textures offered, you have a never-ending list of the best laminate flooring options to choose from. Laminate flooring for kitchen is required to have moisture resistance along with stress-free cleaning and maintaining factors to make it appropriate for the purpose in both open-plan and enclosed kitchens.


For many of us, our bedrooms are a reserve we retreat ourselves after a long day; it is a place to chill out with your favourite book or movie. During redecoration of the bedroom, both style and function come into watchful reflection. It is a place that requires prime luxury, without hampering its realism as a space. Wooden flooring is an essential interior design element, so you should pick flooring for your bedroom that really complements your personality. A laminated design image top layer is designed to give the finished look of wood or any desired effect. For a minimalistic look, try brown textured laminate flooring because brown colour will provide a stunning wood look that would be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Dining Room

With most meals, festive dinners and lunch parties happening in the dining room, the interiors have to look fantastic. If your dining room is used regularly, laminate flooring is a perfect option, and you definitely can’t go wrong with a beautiful look of hardwood. With a better water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, premium laminate flooring is better than traditional hardwood. If you have wood furnishing, try to go for hand-scraped and rustic finishes to get closer to the natural thing.


Like the kitchen, a utility room is a space that is being utilized every day and each interior component, comprising flooring, should be well-considered. Select a hard-wearing and dark coloured laminate flooring option to provide a bold look. With the dark colour, most stains will be cloaked.

Bottom Line

Selecting the best laminate flooring for your space is essential to look after part while planning the renovation. Several factors such as size, orientation, utility, moisture, resilience, ease of maintenance, and budget prominently influence the decision. A new floor can be an investment, so your flooring option should poise your necessities with your elegance. Make sure to discuss your ideas with a flooring expert at length to make sure the project is accomplished to your standards.

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