Laminate Flooring: Myths Vs Facts you need to know

HDF Laminate Flooring: Myth vc. Fact

No matter how many products are launched in the market, there will always be misconceptions about them. And HDF laminate flooring is no exception. HDF laminate flooring is the most affordable, durable, and aesthetic option. Yet, there are a few concerning myths revolving around HDF laminate flooring. It might leave a misunderstanding while you go shopping, whether you knew about flooring or you got duped.

So, in this blog, let us understand the common mistaken belief regarding HDF laminate flooring and its truth.

A Few Myths and Facts about HDF Laminate Flooring

Myth 1: HDF laminate flooring can be damaged easily

Customers fear that even the tiniest drop of metal or utilities will destroy HDF laminate flooring. But in reality, this is a misconception. Moreover, because each panel has at least four layers, including the base, substrate, design, and wear layer, it can last for many years if proper maintenance is done.

HDF laminate flooring comes with an abrasion class (AC) rating that decides how much foot traffic movement it can handle. Here are some AC ratings you need to know about:

AC1: Good option for the low-traffic areas includes bedrooms, guest rooms, and others.

AC2: A minimal-level traffic movements in drawing rooms, bedrooms, dining halls etc.

AC3: It is perfect for moderate-level traffic, including hallways, living rooms, offices, etc.

AC4: This grade is particularly for commercial places that have a high level of foot traffic movement.

AC5: The grade is for very high traffic and foot movement in malls, theatres, etc.

Myth 2: HDF laminate flooring is way too expensive

A few people are under the impression that HDF laminate flooring is overpriced. It is more cost-effective than other materials like hardwood, tiles, etc. With a great aesthetic look and durability, you can purchase HDF laminate flooring at an affordable price.

Myth 3: Laminate flooring looks Unpleasant

Some people associate laminate with a fragile product with a false image layer that tears apart at the edges, which no one wants in their house. Luckily, a laminate came out of typecasting long ago. Now, technology has led to highly realistic visuals and textures on the boards. The laminate planks simulate the impression of the wood grain. It appears so natural that it can be difficult to discern whether it is wood or laminate simply by looking at it.

Myth 4: HDF laminate flooring is difficult to clean

Cleaning HDF laminate flooring can be difficult, and introducing too much moisture during the cleaning process might cause harm. The above sentence is a misunderstanding that you must have heard from someone.

Laminate flooring is smooth and perfect, with no seams to catch debris, because it is easy to clean. To keep your laminate flooring looking astounding, all you have to do is dust mop or vacuum it now and then.

Myth 5: HDF Laminate Floors cannot Handle Water

In the past, the liquid could make the HDF laminate boards swell or damage them to an extent. With the advancement in technology, new water-resistant features such as waterproof seals, water-resistant boards and watertight joints in the HDF laminate flooring are a life-changer.

Myth 6: HDF laminate floors cannot be Repaired

Another common myth about laminate flooring is that it is not repairable; instead, you have to replace the whole floor. This is not true. Unlike vinyl or linoleum, which come in sheets, HDF laminate flooring comes in planks.

Minor to severe scratches on floors can often be fixed with a wax pencil or a repair kit. Even when a plank does need to be replaced, because the HDF laminate planks are not attached to the flooring, repairing individual planks is a direct procedure.

Myth 7: Laminate and Vinyl Flooring are Similar

Although laminate and vinyl are man-made flooring materials, the contrast between them is immediately discernible. The construction of laminate and vinyl flooring differs significantly. HDF laminate flooring is a green product and top brands often manufacture it with agro forestry wood material. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials.

HDF laminate flooring is more pleasant and quieter than vinyl when fitted with the proper underlayment. As a result, it’s ideal for bedrooms and living spaces.

Myth 8: HDF laminate flooring is not Scratch-Resistant

This belief is false. A HDF laminate floor is a strong substance that resists dents and scratches. The top layer of laminate flooring is durable and provides excellent floor protection. It can withstand minor scratches, but it is not unbreakable. In comparison with hardwood or vinyl, laminate flooring is more resistant to dents and scratches.

Ending Note

The points mentioned above are myths that revolve around HDF laminate flooring. When you understand the truth about them, you can feel assertive about investing in the material and knowing that you are making a proper decision. If you are thinking that HDF laminate flooring is the correct option for your residential or commercial space, contact Surya Click. We offer you the best HDF laminate flooring solutions for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.