Is Laminate Flooring a Good Substitute for Hardwood Floors?

Laminate Flooring a Good Substitute for Hardwood Floors

You tend to hear the term that “nothing quite likes the beauty of hardwood floors”. Undoubtedly, hardwood floors add a unique elegance to your space. Its texture brings natural warmth and a classic look to the whole interior of any place. However, wooden flooring still has been a preferred choice for ages for many homeowners.

The aesthetic quality, texture and durability make the hardwood floors to be a timeless choice. Although wooden floors are timeless, they can require a lot of maintenance which leads the owners to seek alternatives.

There’re some hardwood floor alternatives available in the market but the most convenient and fantastic flooring alternative is laminate flooring.

If you are thinking your floor is getting out of style or scratched and you’re in search of the best hardwood floor alternative then HDF laminate flooring is the best option for you.

Reasons Why HDF Laminate Flooring is a Good Substitute for Hardwood Floors?

High density fiberboard that is HDF laminate flooring is an engineered wood product made by breaking down of hardwood residuals into wood fibers that are reconstituted with a resin binder at elevated temperature and pressure to obtain a uniform and precise thickness of a board.

It is manufactured in such a way that it appears like a plank of real wood and it’s highly durable. HDF Laminate flooring has become popular because it provides several benefits for a home to office décor and practical concerns too.

Let’s see how laminate wooden flooring is different from hardwood flooring and why this flooring is more convenient.


As we’re talking about appearance, we know that hardwood flooring provides a touch of class, elegance and a sense of luxury to the overall décor. Moreover, HDF laminate flooring is a type that exudes the same kind of warmth and richness that looks much like real wood flooring.

Top-quality laminated HDF flooring offered by “Suryaclick” integrate a surface in such a way that its grain texture makes the flooring look even more realistic and attractive at the same time.

Water and Heat Resistance Properties:

Although hardwood flooring is regarded as one of the most desirable flooring material but it’s also well-known among professionals that hardwood flooring is a poor choice when it comes to placing in the kitchen or wet locations such as bathroom and concrete slabs because hardwood is vulnerable to moisture and it can migrate through the corners that cause the hardwood to swell and warp.

On the other hand, hardwood does not retain heat, also the kind of activities that takes place in a kitchen, hardwood kitchen flooring is far more exposed to changes in temperature which affect the hardwood and cause warping, swelling and shrinking.

Now, if talk about laminate wooden flooring, it is somewhat an ideal flooring material which is resistant to water and heat. Laminate flooring has better performance in humid locations since its construction makes it more stable and less susceptible to warping caused by moisture.

Durability and Maintenance:

Despite the hardness of hardwood floors, these are very susceptible to scratching, they can be damaged by the toenails of pets and general wear and tear and wooden floors are prone to termite infestations as well. You will end up with the task of stripping off the existing finish and refinishing the floor. Also, the scratches on the hardwood floors are noticeable which as result, makes the flooring look aged before its time.

HDF Laminate flooring is strong, scratch-resistant and remarkably durable. As the flooring is made of several layers that tightly bond the HDF and the laminate. Also, HDF laminate flooring is stain, fade and moisture resistant which makes it a highly durable material.

Cleaning Process:

Whether it’s a hardwood floor or a laminate wooden floor, you always want to keep it looking at its best. Compared to laminate wooden flooring, hardwood flooring needs much effort to clean the surface.

Daily use of a sweep or dust mop to remove dirt can cause scratches and wear down the finish of the hardwood floor. On the other hand, HDF laminate flooring is easy to clean with a vacuum or broom.

You can dry mop your laminate wood floors daily or monthly depending on the amount of foot traffic that passes through.

The vacuum cleaner is useful to pick up dirt from between planks, tiles and edges. The HDF laminate floor gets clean quickly and easily without putting in so much effort.

Installation and Cost:

Installing hardwood floors on your own is not that easy, it’s tricky. You would need all the equipment and expertise to install hardwood flooring. It is always recommended to hire professionals for the process of hardwood installation.

Laminate wooden flooring installation is far easier, it’s a favorite of many DIY’s. The HDF laminate wooden planks can glue together at the edges so that they get locked together and then they can be installed on most existing floors and can be taken back easily if needed.

If we talk about the cost, HDF laminate flooring is much cheaper than hardwood flooring and HDF laminate floors are much more sustainable as well. Hardwood is more expensive, the hardwood cost, labour expenses, and installation costs make it more costly compared to laminated flooring.


Whether it’s a hardwood floor or a HDF laminate floor they bring beauty and style to the whole interior décor. It’s a matter of elegance, a classy look and an easy installation and maintenance process, if we consider all these then we conclude that laminate wooden flooring is far more convenient and budget-friendly compared to hardwood flooring.

Laminate wooden flooring is becoming popular in recent years because it is giving the desired style and quality material that too in a budget-friendly manner. The seamless qualities of HDF laminate flooring make it the best flooring material.

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