Invest in 100% fire-retardant HDF flooring for your home

Fire-retardant HDF Flooring

A home is a place where we feel safe and secure and where we can spend time with our family. While building a home, you will always consider the best design, decor and facilities to make your family more comfortable and secure. Isn’t it? So that a safe flooring too! However, many people make this mistake, overlooking the potential danger of fire at home.

As per research, house fires cause an average of 2,620 civilian deaths each year. The majority of home fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. There are many reasons for fires from cooking accidents to electric malfunctions and it can spread quickly. In such situations, fire-retardant laminate flooring has proven to be the best flooring option and it is the most demanding flooring option nowadays.

Before going forward, let’s get an idea about what is HDF flooring?

High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) is an engineered wood made by compressing wood fibers and resin under high pressure. The HDF floors are extremely dense and durable, making them the perfect material for your home flooring. You can find a detailed explanation of HDF flooring here.

Why Fire-Retardant HDF Flooring?

As mentioned above, HDF flooring is the most durable and long-lasting option for flooring. Investing in 100% fire-retardant flooring aids more security to your home. Special fire-retardant chemicals are added to the resin while manufacturing HDF floor panels. As soon as HDF is compressed into boards, the fire-retardant chemical is mixed in with the resin, so that the whole piece is treated and protected against fire.

The resultant HDF floors resist flames and slow down the spread of fire. Therefore, if a fire breaks out in your home, your flooring will be less likely to catch fire and prevent the fire from spreading. Thus, fire-retardant HDF flooring can protect your family from major burns.

Let’s check the benefits of fire-retardant HDF flooring:

Assurance of safety:

Fire-retardant HDF flooring has the obvious advantage of increasing the safety of your home. It is designed to slow down the fire spread, so in case of fire, it gives your family more time to evacuate.

Reduced risk of damage:

As this type of flooring is less likely to catch fire, it will not spread fire and prevent your home from massive damage.

More resilient:

Fire-retardant HDF flooring is more durable. A fire retardant chemical added to the resin strengthens the boards, preventing them from sagging or cracking.

Increase the Home Value:

Any home buyer will always be concerned about their family’s safety when buying a home. Hence, fire-retardant flooring will increase the value of your home and attract more buyers.


Although fire-retardant HDF flooring may initially cost more, in the long term it is a more affordable solution. This means that homeowners can save money on flooring replacement and repair costs over time.

Reduce your Insurance Cost:

Any insurance company evaluates the risk factors before covering property insurance. Fire-retardant HDF flooring prevents your home from fire accidents that generally happen due to gas leakage, burning cigarettes, electrical malfunction, and more. Considering these factors, they offer a relatively low premium on a home insurance policy.


Investing in fire-retardant HDF flooring is a smart choice for homeowners who value safety, durability and aesthetics. HDF flooring provides protection against fire hazards, water damage, wear and tear. It is a smart solution for any home decor and is also simple to maintain.

Do you also consider making your floor fire-retardant after seeing these many benefits? Surya Click offers a wide range of HDF laminate flooring in a variety of designs and patterns. We invite you to explore our flooring designs and products or send us an email with your requirements.