The Hottest Laminate Wooden Flooring Trends for 2024

Laminate Wooden Flooring Trends for 2024

The flooring industry is continually evolving due to new technology, better material and innovative designs. In 2024, there are various laminate wooden flooring options to suit different preferences and practical requirements. The latest developments and customer tastes are reflected in the following top laminate wooden flooring trends for 2024.

Natural and Rustic Looks

Rustic, natural wood looks remain in trend, reflecting a desire for warmth and authenticity in interior spaces. Rich textures, knots and grains of these floorings closely resemble genuine wood, giving any area a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Those who want to blend traditional and modern design will find the rustic style ideal. This style meets the increasing need in home design for a more organic and natural feel that highlights the unique qualities of wood.

Grey Tones and Neutral Colours

Grey tones continue to be popular in laminate flooring because they provide a contemporary and adaptable appearance that complements many home designs. From light greys to deeper charcoal tones, these neutral shades offer a chic background for both home and business settings. Additionally, neutral hues like taupe and beige are becoming more popular, creating a peaceful atmosphere. This concept fits perfectly with elegant and minimalist design sensibilities.

Finishes in Matte and High Gloss

High-gloss laminate flooring is making a significant comeback for those seeking a touch of luxury. These floorings give any area a polished, modern appearance, reflecting light and making rooms feel bigger and more open. High-gloss finishes are particularly popular in contemporary and minimalist designs where reflective surfaces and clean lines are essential components.

On the other hand, the subtle and modern appeal of matte surfaces is growing. Matte laminate flooring is not only fashionable but also practical, as it tends to show fewer marks and footprints in high-traffic areas. Homeowners who want to combine style with low maintenance are drawn to this trend.

Wide and Extra Long Planks

Wide plank flooring is increasingly popular, creating an impression of grandeur and space. Fewer gaps on the floor from wider boards give the area a more unified and less cluttered appearance. This trend fits well with the on going preference for large interiors and open-plan living areas.

Extra-long planks are also becoming more popular, stretching and unifying spaces to provide a smooth and spacious appearance. This style works particularly well in large rooms, enhancing visual flow and minimizing visible seams.

Water-Resistant Panels

With technological advancements, water-resistant laminate flooring have grown in popularity and accessibility. These are ideal for areas where spills and moisture are common. They make sense for busy homes and business areas because they can withstand water without sacrificing aesthetics. This innovative technology ensures laminate flooring remains durable and visually pleasing in damp areas.

Mixed Width Planks

Combining boards of various widths in a single-floor design is an increasing trend that gives rooms a personalized and visually appealing look. This approach breaks up monotony and offers a more natural, handcrafted feel. Mixed-width planks work especially well in large rooms and open-plan spaces, helping to define different zones and add unique character. This trend caters to the demand for originality in home design by allowing for a more customized and distinctive flooring option.

Hand-Scraped Textures

Laminated flooring with hand-scraped textures has an artisanal, handmade quality that mimics traditional woodworking. Its texture not only provides visual interest but also conceals minor imperfections and wear. Those who appreciate the beauty of rustic and antique design, while still benefiting from modern flooring technologies, will love hand-scraped laminate floors.

The latest developments in digital printing have revolutionized laminate flooring, enabling the creation of highly realistic and intricate patterns. With numerous customization options—from elaborate stone motifs to exotic wood patterns—this technology offers customers a plethora of choices. The precision and quality of digital printing ensure laminate flooring can mimic natural materials remarkably well at a lower cost. This trend reflects the growing demand for affordable, high-quality flooring solutions that don’t compromise on design or authenticity.

Stone Effects

Natural stone flooring is admired for its timeless beauty and durability, but it can be expensive and high-maintenance. In 2024, laminate floors have achieved the luxurious look of real stone thanks to technological advancements. High-definition printing and embossing techniques now enable these materials to closely resemble slate, granite and marble. Stone-effect flooring combines practicality and beauty, offering a warmer, more comfortable and scratch-resistant surface ideal for busy areas like bathrooms and kitchens. This trend provides a stylish, cost-effective alternative that is easier to install and maintain than traditional stone.

Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

The classic appeal of chevron and herringbone patterns is a key trend in 2024. These patterns add complexity, personality and sophistication to any space. Both the continuous zigzag pattern of the chevron and the V-shaped arrangement of rectangular planks in the herringbone offer visual interest and refinement. Modern laminate flooring technologies have expanded the possibilities for these designs, making installation simple and accessible. These materials are resistant to moisture and scratches, long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Eco-Conscious Production and DIY-Friendly Options

Eco-friendly manufacturing processes are becoming more prevalent. This includes sourcing materials responsibly to reduce the overall environmental impact, minimizing waste and using energy-efficient production methods. As awareness of these issues grows, customers are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly flooring solutions. This trend is driving manufacturers to innovate in their production methods.

There is also a growing demand for easy-to-install laminate flooring as DIY home improvement projects become more popular. With the proliferation of click-lock systems and other user-friendly installation techniques, homeowners are more easily undertaking flooring projects on their own. This trend allows customers to personalize their spaces without the need for professional installation, saving money and providing a sense of accomplishment.


The aforementioned trends illustrate an industry that is continually evolving and balancing style, functionality and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re remodelling a home or outfitting a workplace, these trends offer plenty of ideas for creating beautiful, durable and stylish flooring.

Understanding these trends can help ensure your flooring choices are both fashionable and practical, enhancing the value and overall appeal of your home or business.