A Guide to Choosing Laminate Flooring Brands

Guide to Choosing Laminate Flooring Brands

Are you considering laminate flooring for your home but feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands available? So, how do you navigate through this sea of options?

Fear not! In this blog, we’ll go over some important things to think about when selecting a HDF laminate flooring brand that’s ideal for your requirements. In this blog we will guide you about some important factors to consider when choosing a laminated wooden flooring brand.

Material Quality:

Laminate flooring quality is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a premium laminate flooring brand. The high-quality material means more durable and long-lasting flooring.

Search for brans that have a good reputation and are recognised for providing laminate flooring of the highest calibre. Check for certifications which assures that the flooring meets industry standards for quality. Such as, Surya Clicks offers premium quality and certifies laminate floorings.


Consider your flooring foot traffic and ask if the brand provides the wooden laminate flooring that matches your requirements. The laminate flooring durability is measured by the AC rating.

It ranges from AC3 to AC5. If you have pets or need to install a laminate floor in a high-traffic area then choose the flooring brand that offers AC4 or AC5 rating. Refer this article to learn more about AC Rating. It will help you to select the right flooring grade for your application.

Availability of Style and Designs:

From conventional wood-look to modern and contemporary designs, HDF laminate flooring is offered in a wide range of styles and designs. Select a brand whose selection of styles and patterns complements your particular preferences and home decor.

To give you more alternatives, it’s a good idea to select a manufacturer that offers a range of finishes like Surya Clicks.


Price is always a consideration when buying anything. Laminate flooring is often less expensive than tile or hardwood flooring. The price of laminate flooring varies from company to company, although it depends heavily on the brand and quality.

Look for brands that are affordable yet still uphold a high level of quality. Remember that while high-quality laminate flooring may cost more upfront, you can end up saving money in the long run because it needs less upkeep and lasts longer, so it’s worth investing in.

Installation Process:

Laminated wooden flooring is known for its easy installation process but it also varies from brand to brand. Some brands may have more complicated installation processes than others. You may also want to consider hiring a professional installer like to ensure that the flooring is installed correctly.

Consider brands that have easy-to-follow installation instructions and offer customer support in case of any installation difficulties. Brands like Surya Click provide click system and innovative one-click installation method which makes the installation process easier, quicker and more time efficient.


A warranty is essential when choosing a laminate flooring brand. A good warranty covers any manufacturing defects and guarantees the quality of the product. Consider brands with a long warranty period, to ensure that your flooring is covered for any manufacturing defect.

Customer Service:

Lastly, consider the brand’s reputation for customer service when choosing the flooring brand. Search for companies that have superior and knowledgeable service staff and provide excellent customer service.

Choosing a company that values its customers will ensure that you can contact them in case of any problems or if you need help installing the flooring.

Benefits of Using a Good Brand:-


Laminate flooring brands offer a wide range of colours, patterns and textures, making them a versatile option for any home decor.

Superior construction technique and material:

They use superior technology and raw material, which produce better final product. In addition, good brands usually offer longer warranties and better customer service.

Value for your money:

Although good brands often cost more, their products also tend to hold up better over time and last longer.


In conclusion, with the variety of laminate flooring brands available, it’s crucial to think about your priorities before choosing one. We believe that this article has given you a deeper understanding of the features the laminate flooring brands should pose so that you can select the brand that best suits your needs and requirements.