Select the Correct Tone for your kitchen’s HDF Laminate Flooring

HDF Laminate Flooring for Kitchen

Apart from other spaces flooring in the homes, kitchen flooring goes through so many regular spills and temperature fluctuations on an everyday basis. Because of this, the homeowners usually invest in HDF laminate flooring for the kitchen surfaces due to its optimistic nature. HDF laminate flooring is a budget-friendly, durable and smooth surface that is ideal for use in the kitchen.

With diverse options available in the market, it is tough to choose the right one for the kitchen. Here are a few below-mentioned tips that can beautify the overall look of the kitchen of your dreams:

Choose the Suitable HDF Laminate Flooring Colour for Kitchen

1. Decide if you want to Emphasize or Counterbalance with Cabinetry

Look at the colour of the kitchen cabinets and select a matching tone for your HDF laminate flooring. To protect against both of these situations, choose a lighter hue with a distressed wood finish or even a concrete effect. If you want to highlight your cabinetry, pick a colour that works well with it. When you want to counterbalance it, do the opposite.

On the other side, if, you have a modern kitchen that has crisp cherry cabinets and appliances made out of stainless steel, then installing the cherry wood finish for the flooring makes the space looks unilluminated and unpleasant. If you pick a lighter and more natural wood hue, unfortunately, you will take the risk of clashing with the cherry and making the entire kitchen look odd.

2. Select a Colour that Complements with Kitchen Lighting and Size

The lightning and size are usually useful to determine the colour you will eventually choose for the floors. Using the different shades of dark colours with low lighting can make the kitchen look smaller and intimate. But with the use of mixing of bright lights and a light coloured shade can make the kitchen more spacious.

While considering the colour of your flooring, assess the size and lighting options available in your kitchen. When you examine these two factors, pick a colour that augments the mood and captures the ambience of your kitchen floor.

3. What Kind of Tone do you want to create?

Some homeowners want to create a high-end elegant kitchen space, while others want a lively kitchen. The colours that you going to choose for the HDF laminate flooring should match the preferred tone you want to create in the kitchen, so evaluate the ambience you want and choose according to it.

4. Deliberate about the Kitchen Traffic

One of the essential criteria in determining the colour of your floors is the quantity of foot traffic in your kitchen. The surface goes through brunt force as people move in and out of the kitchen. If you have children and they play all over the house, you should invest in a floor colour that will not fade over time.

If you have a type of kitchen that sees a lot of people pass around, it is better to choose a light-coloured floor as you would not see any footmarks or dust. If you have a pet that roams around the house, then paw marks and prints will show less on the light-coloured floor.

5. Pick a Colour of Flooring Based on the Countertops

You can match your floor with the countertops of the kitchen. This way the surface and the countertops have a similar shade which can help to create a balance in your kitchen. For instance, if you have a light-coloured countertop then go with light colour wood flooring or for dark countertops go with dark coloured HDF laminate flooring.

6. When to Select Dark or Lighter Colours for the Kitchen

Selecting dark tones such as red or brown tones can give the kitchen more warmth and a comfortable look. Suppose you have a large kitchen with high ceilings then it can give a more dramatic and elegant look.

Using light-coloured HDF laminate flooring such as white or grey is a good option for small kitchens with low ceilings. The light floors make reflect more light which makes your kitchen look brighter. The best thing about the light colours; is that they hide scratches well and are fadeless over time.

Key Takeaways

HDF laminate flooring is the favourite material among homeowners to install in the kitchen. It is a great option to withstand accidental spills and foot movement traffic. HDF laminate flooring is easy to buy and install in just a breeze. You can even select the colour of your flooring, and make changes to get everything in place. Avoid any cheaper options that are available as they can tend to warp, peel or stain.

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