Cleaning and Maintaining Tips for HDF Laminate Flooring

Caring Tips for HDF Laminate Flooring

HDF laminate floorings can be a better option for flooring as they are more durable, can resist floor traffic, are less susceptible to scratches, etc. As they are different from other types of floor, their cleaning procedure is also different from normal cleaning. They are sensitive to water clogging and excessive moisture. In order to understand the maintenance of HDF laminate flooring, you have to understand its manufacturing process. The laminate floor is a combination of High-Density Fibreboard fused with melamine resin and has a photographic layer under a clear and equally hard topcoat. In other words, layers of composite wood are pressed together and sealed with laminate in the process of making laminate wooden flooring. So you can’t just treat them like other floors. A proper way and less water are required in the cleaning of laminate floors.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring HDF Laminate Flooring:

Laminate floorings need special care and maintenance as we cannot clean them like regular floors. In order to retain their shine throughout the years, maintaining and taking care of them is also very important apart from cleaning. Here are some pro tips for that:

Read the laminate floor manufacturer’s instructions properly

Your HDF laminate flooring would have come with a detailed product guide and instructions to follow while cleaning them. Every brand would have specific recommendations based on the materials used. It is better to follow them and clean the laminate flooring in that way only.

Sweep floors and vacuum them regularly

To remove dust or debris, sweep the floor regularly with a soft-bristle broom for avoiding scratches or angle broom for reaching the corners and baseboards. Use the vacuum on a hard floor setting and not a beater bar.

Deep clean the floors occasionally

You can deep clean your laminate floors once in 2 weeks or once a month, depending upon the usage. Regular deep cleaning with water is not advisable for laminate floorings; just clean them with a normal and less wet mop. A right mop is very much necessary to save your floors from scratches or scuffs, thus use a flathead microfiber mop to keep the moisture out. Some basic floor cleaners which are easily available in the market like oil or soap-based cleaners, chemical-based cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners etc. are not recommended for laminate floorings because they do not make your floor shiny and can also make them dull if used frequently. Instead of these, you can use a properly formulated laminate floor cleaner.

Treat stains immediately

Excessive liquid can damage the floor hence don’t let water or any spills stay on the floor for a long time. Use a damp microfiber towel to treat any type of stains. If wax or gum falls on your floor, then don’t rub it hard as it will develop scratches. Instead, freeze it with an ice pack first, then scrape up carefully with a plastic scraper and wipe the residue with a slightly damped microfiber cloth. Oily spots, food stains, colour stains like ink, marker, lipstick etc. can be treated with acetone or nail polish remover.


  • Protect your floor from debris or shoe dust by placing entry mats outside your house door.
  • If you have pets, trim their nails regularly to safeguard your floor from scratches.
  • Avoid buffers or a polisher.
  • Avoid acidic cleaners as they can strip the protective coating from the floor.
  • Avoid abrasive tools to protect the floor from scratches.
  • Don’t slide heavy objects. You can use protective mats under heavy furniture or can also use furniture slides under their legs to slide them smoothly.


  • A hazy floor (a whitish or cloudy layer on your floor) may have been formed by bad cleaning agents or any type of residue build-up. The only way to keep the haze away is to use a laminate floor cleaner and a microfiber mop from the beginning and not any acidic cleaners.
  • You can sometimes use a DIY cleaner made up of vinegar as it is a natural cleaning agent. Add a half cup of vinegar to a bucket of water and clean the floor with a microfiber mop and then rub it with a soft dry towel.
  • Avoid using steam cleaners and extremely wet mops.
  • It is also important to clean your mops frequently but do not use a fabric softener to clean them as they don’t need a good smell. Fabric softeners can bring the haze back on the floors because they can clog the fibers and can totally mess up the microfiber quality of the mop.


HDF laminate floorings are known for their long-lasting shine and durability. Hence they do not need any extra care. What they need are proper cleaning and maintaining techniques which are all mentioned in this blog. Use these methods and protect your floor to make it last longer and look elegant.

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