Adding a chic touch to your home with HDF laminate flooring

Adding a chic touch with HDF laminate flooring

Using HDF laminate flooring in interior home design has taken over the home improvement world by storm. Laminate flooring is becoming the fastest-growing area in the renovation industry. With the capability to mimic any material, HDF laminate flooring is considered as the most versatile low-maintenance decorative flooring idea in decades. It is the most sought-after material by homeowners who want to add a chick touch to their home.

What is HDF laminate flooring and why is it becoming such a hot trend:

Brief history and current status

Unheard before the mid-1970s, laminate flooring has now become a staple choice for interior home design. Once used as an option for economic flooring, laminate flooring has held its place as inexpensive functional flooring. Laminate flooring has cemented its place in higher-end homes as well. Innovations like deeper embossing, and high-resolution printing have pushed the boundaries of laminate flooring. They look better, perform better and feel better to your feet than ever before.

What is HDF Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer flooring product that has been laminated together. Laminate flooring has a picture layer behind a clear protective layer that replicates wood or any other design. Melamine resin and HDF board components are typically used to make up the inner core layer.

Incorporate HDF laminate floors in your dream space to add a chic touch:

With a wide range of options and the ability to print almost anything in extremely high detail, you are assured to find a laminate floor that matches your taste and compliments other aesthetics of your interior space.

Colours evoke mood and a sense of space

You can use colours to express your feelings through each room. Darker tones signify warmth and cosiness while bright colours make the room feel airy and bright.

If you want to floor a small-sized room, use a light colour for your flooring. It will give the impression of a larger space. If the room you want to floor is large, spacious and has plenty of light, you have the luxury of choice. You can decide to go for dark-coloured flooring.

One for every room size

Laminate flooring is available in both narrow and wide options. Narrow options will give a formal look and feel to the space. Wide options will give a relaxed and informal ambience. The choice is entirely yours and there are several perks for both options.

  • Small Rooms:
  • Narrow flooring options will create the illusion that the room is larger. But it will also make the room look cluttered.

    Wide flooring options in a small room will make it look even smaller. But at the same time, it will also make it a little clearer.

  • Big Rooms:
  • Narrow flooring in a large room will make it appear even larger and won’t create a feeling that it’s too busy because there’s plenty of space in it.

    Wide flooring in a large room will exhibit relaxed and calm vibes and will not shrink the room.

Let contrast speak about your personality

The secret ingredient for creating visually striking and memorable spaces is contrast. Contrasting laminate flooring will add a dose of visual interest to an interior space. When 2 or more objects of opposing characteristics are placed together, it creates contrast. This can be achieved by using different aspects of design like colour, shape, size, materials, textures, style or finish.

You can choose for 15045 Canyon Fjord Oak laminate flooring from Surya Click in combination with walls of dark shades of blue, green and red for striking contrast.

For walls with lighter shades, you can choose a darker shade of laminate flooring like 15043 Life Oak or 15046 Canyon Authentic Walnut. This will make the room embellish calm and happy vibes.

Use of patterns

You can mix 2 or more different panels to create unique patterns. There is a wide variety of patterns that you can make using more than one type of floor. From zigzags to crossroads, if you can imagine it, you can make it.

Switching shades

Using the right flooring in the kitchen can unify the overall aesthetic and bring the much-needed pop, vibrancy and liveliness to the area.

Using a light-coloured or textured laminate floor will create a sense of space and will reflect more light making it easier to work for long hours. Light-bright colours establish a pleasant atmosphere to cook and positively affect your mind hence it is the best option for kitchen.

Extend the flooring in the living room to the dining room as well. It makes more sense to use it in the dining room than carpets as it is easier to clean.

Shades that go the distance

Low-traffic areas like the bedroom will retain the same flooring for a very long time. Since you are not going to change it for a long time, make sure you choose a shade that compliments a wide variety of colours. A neutral shade will complement your current furniture and also suit other additions/replacements you might make over time.

Create a sense of drama

Using intricate textures and patterns in your entrance and hallway will create a sense of drama and it will become the most talked about space.

Adding geometric patterns like triangular, cubic or hexagonal patterns to the floor will inject visual energy into your entrance.

Include centrepieces like flower vases, bright-coloured cabinets etc. on your dark flooring to dramatize the space and add visual flair.

Attention to detail

Use decorative transition mouldings to give the floor a finished look. Such small differences make big difference and show your attention to detail. It will not only add elegance to your flooring. It will transform your bland box-like room and make it cozy and warm.

Surya Click and innovation in the Laminate flooring industry:

Surya Click is one of the leading manufacturers of HDF laminate flooring in India. All laminate floorings are crafted with high-quality materials, are easy to install, have minimal maintenance and are durable enough to handle everyday changes.


It is important to plan your laminate flooring project with care. Make sure to create flowing transitions between the different rooms in the living space. With attention to detail, your flooring will become the focal point in your interior design endeavours.

Here are a wide variety of laminate flooring options from Surya Click for you to choose from.