Know the quality of Laminate Flooring by its Abrasion Class Ratings

AC Ratings for HDF Laminate Flooring

HDF laminate flooring products are designed to be more durable and resilient to satisfy specific needs in homes and offices. One way to determine the flooring toughness and quality before buying are by heeding its “abrasion class ratings”. If you never heard about laminate abrasion class ratings before, then it’s time to get familiar with it.

Brief Explanation about Abrasion Class Ratings

An Abrasion class rating (AC rating) is an industrial testament that classifies the laminate flooring by its durability. The AC rating does not differentiate between poor and high-quality laminate flooring. Instead, it is an easier way to categorize the laminate flooring into different ratings according to its permanence to make a worthy investment for your space.

Various Types of AC Ratings for HDF Laminate Flooring

The Abrasion class ratings are used for both residential and commercial settings. Though, it is significant to know different variations for the right laminate flooring. Here is a list of the different ratings that are incorporated in laminate flooring:

  1. AC1: This is the lowest AC rating for HDF laminate flooring that can withstand light foot activity and used in spaces like bedrooms or guest rooms.
  2. AC2: The AC2 is used for general residence and you might see them in living rooms, dining rooms and so forth.
  3. AC3: The AC3 grade can bear moderate foot activity and is widely used for both commercial and residential spaces.
  4. AC4: This flooring grade is not a good fit for the residential. Ideally, it is used for commercials that have general traffic such as cafes, restaurants, boutiques and much more.
  5. AC5: AC5 is used for heavy foot activity in commercial settings. It is suitable for public departments or malls.

How to Determine Which Abrasion Class Is Right Fit for You

Choosing HDF laminate flooring for homes and office spaces are easier, you just need to consider the space, budget, resilience, etc. Here are suggestions to contemplate about determining the abrasion class in HDF laminate flooring that are right for you.

  • For residential wooden flooring; AC1, AC2 and AC3 wooden laminate flooring are used. AC1 are frequently used in areas such as guest rooms, bedrooms or storage closets. AC2 can be used in more frequent foot activity areas such as living rooms, formal dining room, drawing room, etc. The AC3 rating can be incorporated in homes where you can spend most time such as kitchen, staircase or hallways.
  • For commercial spaces, AC3, AC4 and AC5 wood flooring is best suited from moderate to heavy foot traffic. AC3 rating is suitable for the less-used areas of your business like closets or hotel rooms. The AC4 is mostly for a sit-down office, small shops and stores. AC5 rating is used only when there is heavy foot traffic such as shopping malls, public buildings, restaurants, sales floors, schools, colleges and more.
  • The higher the AC rating is, the more expensive the HDF laminate flooring gets. You’ll need the correct kind of flooring that looks excellent and won’t need to be repaired or replaced for a long time. Avert any sort of low-durable laminate installation in the heavily trafficked area or you might find yourself replacing the laminate flooring in a few years.
  • The Cleaning of floors differs on the basis of AC ratings, so it is advisable to choose a suitable cleaning material. Solvent-type cleaning products may be required in commercial settings. On laminate materials with a lower abrasion class rating, these can be detrimental. Assess how you’ll clean your laminate floors and how often you’ll do it.
  • You should also avoid choosing flooring with a higher laminate AC rating if you want to make a cost-effective option. Installing AC5 laminate flooring in a seldom-used guest room, for example, is not a good idea. So, it is better to choose your laminate flooring for each room individually.


HDF laminate flooring is a durable, cost-effective and resilient choice for both commercial and residential properties. The abrasion class rating system is used to determine the endurance of the floor and how well it will stand up to wear and tear and be resilient to external factors; burns, stain, impact, UV, scratch, chemical, moisture and so on. Even with AC ratings, you don’t have to give up the wonderful appearance of modern laminate that mimics wood, stone, or other expensive, difficult-to-maintain materials to achieve it. The above explanation can assist you in understanding the wear rating, which can help you choose the proper type of flooring for your space based on its predicted durability and longevity.

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