Flooring Designs


The new laminate flooring collection features beautiful designs with characterful swirls, subdued shafts, cracks and knots to bring you the look of true-to-nature wood.

The revolutionary 5G valinge locking system is a unique proposition for selecting the type of design to design to turn your rooms into country, modern, classical or vintage style.

Surya Click's HDF laminate flooring bring radiance and versatility to work with any décor.

The presentation of real hard wood is maintained through top quality fibres and resins; it is protecting your floor amicably. That’s why Surya Click laminate floors come with a long-term warranty.

Surya Click Flooring Designs

Rose Wood Laminate Flooring

15049 Rose Wood

Chalet Oak Dark Wooden Flooring

15050 Chalet Oak Dark

Grey Stone Wood Flooring

15051 Grey Stone

Latin Walnut Light Wooden Floor

15052 Latin Walnut Light

Absolute Wood Dark Laminate Flooring

15053 Absolute Wood Dark

Novecento Pine Wood Laminate Flooring

15054 Novecento Pine

Brown Rimini Walnut Laminate Floor

15055 Brown Rimini Walnut

Cherry Tennessee Laminate Flooring

15056 Cherry Tennessee

Angola Walnut Dark Wood Floor

15057 Angola Walnut Dark

Merapi Walnut Laminated Wood Flooring

15058 Merapi Walnut

Bonito Laminated Wooden Flooring

15059 Bonito

Amsterdam Textured Laminate Flooring

15060 Amsterdam

Sync Oak Brown Wooden Floor

15061 Sync Oak Brown

Canyon Wood Brown Laminate flooring

15062 Canyon Wood Brown

Odin Eiche Light  Wood Flooring

15063 Odin Eiche Light

Bratty Oak Grey Wooden Flooring

15064 Bratty Oak Grey

Old school Oak Laminate Wood Floor

15065 Old school Oak

Historic Pine Light Laminate Flooring

15002 Historic Pine Light

Tavern Oak Light Wood Laminate Flooring

15004 Tavern Oak Light

Tavern Oak Brown Wooden Flooring

15006 Tavern Oak Brown

Symphony Oak Textured Wooden Flooring

15008 Symphony Oak

Sonoma Oak Light Wood Flooring

15013 Sonoma Oak Light

Sonoma Oak Dark Wooden Floor

15014 Sonoma Oak Dark

Canyon Monument Oak Light Laminated Flooring

15016 Canyon Monument Oak Light

Canyon Monument Oak Dark Wooden Flooring

15017 Canyon Monument Oak Dark

Panga Panga Textured Laminate Flooring

15020 Panga Panga

Lyon Walnut Wood Flooring Design

15021 Lyon Walnut

Columbia Walnut Wooden Flooring

15022 Columbia Walnut

Perfect Oak Laminate Wood Floor

15024 Perfect Oak

Selective Teak Laminate Wooden Flooring

15025 Selective Teak

Antique Oak Wooden Floor Design

15026 Antique Oak

Palace Eiche Laminated Wood Flooring

15027 Palace Eiche

Erle Country Wood Flooring Design

15028 Erle Country

Nussabaum Harmony Laminate Flooring

15030 Nussabaum Harmony

Fiskbein Light Textured Laminate Flooring

15031 Fiskbein Light

Fiskbein Dark Textured Wooden Flooring

15032 Fiskbein Dark

Surya Click Premium Flooring Designs

Emlo Premium Laminate Flooring

15035 Emlo

Teak Allover Premium Wooden Flooring

15036 Teak Allover

Mills Cherry Allover Wooden Floor

15037 Mills Cherry Allover

Ruby Allover Wooden Flooring Design

15038 Ruby Allover

Relife Oak Allover Wooden Flooring

15039 Relife Oak Allover

Margo Allover Textured Wooden Floor

15040 Margo Allover

Impiana Nyatoh Pemium Wooden Flooring

15041 Impiana Nyatoh

Kahlua Oak Allover Laminate Floor

15042 Kahlua Oak Allover

Life Oak Laminated Wooden Flooring

15043 Life Oak

Canyon Cherry Premium Lamiate Flooring

15044 Canyon Cherry

Canyon Fjord Oak Laminate Flooring

15045 Canyon Fjord Oak

Canyon Authentic Walnut Laminate Flooring

15046 Canyon Authentic Walnut

Canyon Pekon Premium Textured Wood Flooring

15047 Canyon Pekon

Naina Teak Wooden Flooring

15048 Naina Teak


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laminate flooring applicable at BFSI
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Consumer Durables
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Auto & Ancillaries
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Pharma & Chemicals
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Organized Retail
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Tours & Travels
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Hospitals & Healthcare
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Govt.Agencies & PSU's
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Lifestyle, Health & Beauty
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